My artwork honours/celebrates history through narratives of ‘herstory’; family, women’s work, handwork/fancywork, domesticity and the home. Re-viewing Australian history, making note of historical quirks, then using them to flesh out my core themes is a wondrous and open-ended task. I aim to develop the breadth and strength of my work through the re-imagining of stories related to these themes.


Born                 1958 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


1980                 B.Ed (Art/Craft) Melbourne, VIC, AUSTRALIA

Recent Exhibitions

2018                 Sing No More My Heroes #1–19. Beyond the Seam, CASM, WA.

2017                 Inaugural annual exhibition at The December Gallery, North Fremantle, WA

                         with guest artist Annie Shelley.

Recent Juried Exhibitions

2018                 Sing No More My Heroes. Beyond the Seam, CASM, WA.

2017                 Knit1Purl1 #1 – my summer yarn. Stitched & Bound, ZigZag Gallery, WA.

                         Knit1Purl1 #2 – my current yarn. Art Quilt Australia, QVMAG, Launceston, TAS.

                         Honourable Mention in the Wool Quilt Awards.Then at Yarra Ranges Museum, VIC.

2016                 Feathering the Nest #4 – beautiful values. twentyONE+, Spectrum Project Space, WA.

                         Feathering the Nest #2 – death of the doily. twentyONE+, Spectrum Project Space, WA.

                         Feathering the Nest #8 – nodder’s swan. Australia Wide 5. National/international tour.

2015                 Feathering the Nest #1 – of hope & glory. Art Quilt Australia, National Wool Museum, Geelong, VIC.

Community Projects

2015/16            Leading the planning group for WAFTA’s 2016 juried exhibition..

2013/14            Initiated/led the Salvage/Selvedge community program. Skilling participants

                         whilst fundraising for a deserving group. Quilt exhibition/auction at The Moores Building, Fremantle.


2002–2005       Austrade Export Market Development Grants

1998                 West Australian Government Export Support Scheme Grant


2017                 Profile in Artists of Perth. Gabi Mills & Lisa Shearon. Premium Publishers. WA.

2006                 Free & Easy Circles. C&T Publishing, USA.

2003                 Reversing with No Brakes. C&T Publishing, USA.

2001                 Quilts Destructures. Editions de Saxe. French Translation of Cut Loose Quilts.

2001                 Cut Loose Quilts. C&T Publishing, USA.

1998–2017       Profiles, commentary, quilts, projects in major

                         quilting/textile magazines & publications over many years.


2016/18            Teaching is exclusively studio based.

1998–2015       Teaching, Lecturing and promoting at major industry,
             retail and guild events, conventions and private groups around the world.


2000–2010       Marcus Brothers (USA) - Twenty cotton fabric collections.

2006–2010       Running with a Sandwich, with photographer Bewley Shaylor, produced sixtyfour

                         photography-based greeting cards. International distribution.

1998–2015       Stargazey Quilts. Over 100 self-published patterns in various formats.


 © JAN MULLEN 2018